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Ask the right kinds of questions to improve your child’s thinking

Experts recommend asking questions to build your child’s thinking skills. The trick is to ask the right kinds of questions.  A well-known classification system, Bloom’s Taxonomy, divides thinking skills into six categories.  Ask your child questions that fall under these categories: Knowledge. Find out what your child knows about a topic. Talk about facts. Start… [Read more »]

You can help your child reach for the stars

All parents have dreams for their children. And those dreams can motivate children to succeed. But sometimes, those dreams can turn into pressure. How to keep a good balance? Try to: Link your dreams to our child’s interests and strengths. If he loves legos and math, he may be an engineer one day. If he… [Read more »]

Experts say three habits can make your child a great reader

Reading researchers have studied the best readers. They’ve found there are some things these people do that make them good readers. Luckily, these are skills you can teach your child. And you can teach them while reading aloud to your child. Here are three habits you can help your child develop: Make predictions. Expert readers… [Read more »]

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