It is a great time to be a MUSTANG!! I hope all of you are as excited as I am for this year of Eldon Athletics. As I reflect upon my first year as Athletic Director, I remember so many great moments: both boys and girls basketball teams winning the Stover Tournament, the girls winning the Eldon Tournament, and our inaugural season of wrestling at the junior high – It was a great year!! With great success, comes the expectation to do even more this year; and do more we will!

As coaches and players set goals for themselves for the season, I have also set goals for our athletic department and need your help to achieve these goals. My first goal for the year is to be the best school in hospitality toward visitors and a great traveling school. We want to see a sea of maroon and gold everywhere we travel. Second, we want to be known for our positive impact on our youth. From our coaches on the sidelines to our parents in the stands, we want a positive message sent to our athletes. Parents, do you LOVE watching your kid play? Do you express this to him or her? Our student-athletes have many pressures placed upon them and we, as the adults in their lives, need to remember to be in the business of building them up and at the same time lovingly correcting them when needed. That goes for the opposing athletes, as well as, our own sons and daughters. Finally, we want to be successful in all aspects of athletics, including the classroom. As we continue to be the winning team on the scoreboard, we are also striving to be the most successful student athletes in the area by raising ACT scores, earning dual credit, and graduating 100% of our student athletes.

As we start this season, I challenge you to remember that we are not here to watch football, volleyball, softball or running. We are here to watch kids playing these sports and it is about them. I have never watched a field hockey game and do not know much about the Olympiad Beth Anders, but I believe in her words – “In our lives we will encounter many challenges . . . How we accept the challenge and attack the challenge head on is only about us–no one can touch that. If we win or lose this weekend, it will not make a difference in our lives. But why we play and how we play will make a difference in our lives forever.”  Everything we do creates a memory and impacts individuals’ lives – let it be the most positive impact possible!!


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***Seasonal Athletic Insurance is now offered through American Family. In order to receive information regarding this insurance please email and provide the following information: Name of athlete, Date of birth, and contact information.



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\Colleen Abbott, Athletic Director


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